We are a production company that is set up to produce engaging and targeted educational media.  We know and care about education.  We know how to make the learning experience engaging and worthwhile.   

We believe that good learning is about making content meaningful and relevant to the student. We know that good learning happens when there is a dynamic blend of structure and flexibility.  Learners need the freedom to explore the subject in a way that makes sense to them but they also want guidance and structure.  They require assurance that they are meeting the appropriate learning outcomes. 

We recognise the importance of communication.  It’s not just about delivering the course content – it’s about building a relationship with the student and interpersonal communication is a vital component.  Learning is a social activity and the student needs to feel that they are valued part of a learning community.

Most importantly, we believe that good learning changes people. It develops confidence and self-esteem. It creates a desire to know and understand. It develops critical thinking and the ability to make informed decisions in a volatile and changing world. Above all, it makes life meaningful and purposeful.

Good learning isn’t easy. There are many aspects that must be taken into account.  The conversation page on this site has been set up to explore the different ideas theories around learning – particularly online and blended learning.  Please take some time have a look and join in the discussion.