Living and learning with new media

We believe that good educational and training programs should be enjoyable and enriching; they should encourage students to explore and find their own way of understanding while providing structure and challenges that direct students to reach specified learning outcomes.

Developments in technology and changes in the way we use it, are producing new and exciting ways to learn. We can now create and integrate videos, audio podcasts, animations, dynamic web pages, interactive mind maps, blogs and bulletin boards to produce very effective and engaging online learning environments that can be accessed by students where and when they need to.

The adoption of HTML5 standards along with embellishments to JavaScript makes the web a great platform for creating dynamic and interactive learning environments. We can make your web pages more intuitively usable and engaging, and structure material so that students can access a rich array of supporting material. Incorporating audio and video provides a rich dimension of information that can make the learning experience more immediate and engaging.

We specialise in creating and managing online learning environments that provide both openness and flexibility while simultaneously directing and challenging students to achieve specific learning outcomes. We can create packages from scratch or we can audit, optimise and supplement existing course material so that it will appear on the web as an autonomous and self explanatory learning experience.

Importantly, we strongly believe that a large part of effective communication (and by extension teaching) is interpersonal (and this perhaps has been one of the things that to date has been missing in online learning). We therefore stress the importance of making the material both personable and authoritative, and this means paying attention to the the style of presentation; not just the visual style and finish but the tone of voice or language register that we use in addressing the student.

We provide a range of production services including video or audio recording of lectures.