Creating cost-effective and engaging online learning requires thought, care and expertise.    We provide a comprehensive service to develop integrated multimodal learning programs that are engaging for students and meet your learning outcomes.

We’re a production company that really understands and cares about quality education.  Our focus is on creating educational value but we also believe strongly in good production value.  Production value means getting a good and effective finished product with a minimum of fuss and expense.  It means being smart; identifying and utilising all existing learning assets and subject matter experts (including, possibly, the students themselves).  It means finding a way of working within budget and time constraints to create exemplary learning materials.  It means identifying the most appropriate pedagogical approach and selecting the most suitable mode of communication for particular concepts and learning content.

Video is the best way to both show and tell.  We have professional hi-definition cameras microphones and lights.    We have access to the writers, technicians and graphic artists that will make your production.

Audio podcasts can create a very close and personal connection.    To create the all-important resonance and presence in voice recording we have professional microphones and digital recorders.